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V is for Vendetta


Apparently we’re ahead of our time.

Seven months after we warned against the dangers of the v-neck, it’s blossomed into a full-fledged trend. If only they’d listened…

Today, Radar printed a call-to-arms against the rising tide of club-goers in deep V-necks. According to the article, which had the good grace to mention us as a source, the deep-V has replaced the striped shirt as the go-to outfit for the huddled masses crowding the door at clubs everywhere. And if the bouncer reads Radar, God help you.

Along with the resurgence of leggings, Radar lays the blame for this one at the feet of American Apparel, but like most trends, the blame for this one lies at the feet of the sternum-crazed youths who decided this was a good idea in the first place. Let us repeat it one more time, just in case they’re listening: No one wants to see that.