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Update Your Clocks for Daylight Savings

  • Kempt Staff


A friendly reminder: you need to update all of your clocks.

Also, you’ll need to set them back one hour, at 2am on Sunday. But what we’re talking about is actually updating your current means of telling time by replacing that old wall clock or desk clock—or, in some cases, getting your first proper wall clock or desk clock—with something respectable-looking. Fortunately, we’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of finding you some suitable updates.

1101_Clocks_1For Your Wall: Schoolhouse Electric 1960s IBM Standard Issue Clock

1101_Clocks_2For Your Desk: Henry Kloss Model Three Clock Radio

1101_Clocks_3For Your Alarm: Clocky

1101_Clocks_4For Your Travels: Braun Travel Alarm Clock

SONY DSCFor Your Wrist: Bravur