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Up Close


If you’ve walked past a newsstand this past week, you might have seen an uncharacteristically craggy Brad Pitt staring back at you. And, for once, it isn’t CGI.

The special effects come from the photographer and photorealist painter Chuck Close, apparently at the request of Mr. Pitt himself. We don’t doubt that Pitt can get whoever he wants to take his picture, but Close isn’t a glamour artist like Annie Liebowitz, and the result ends up looking positively Eastwood-esque.

Through Close's lens, you can see the sun-damaged, eerily smooth skin, the worry lines, and everything else 45 years of life has done to Pitt's face. It's a view we rarely get of actors, but as W points out, and if he’s going to start aging gracefully, he might as well start now. You can’t stay blond forever, and getting comfortable with an aging face is something many stars never manage.

It’s a good idea, but it still doesn’t explain the mustache.