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Unruly Timo

timo3_crop.jpgPhotography: Anula Maiberg

We’re pretty big seersucker fans, so we’re always ready for a new iteration. The wallet, however, hadn’t quite occurred to us.

Unruly Heir, the same people that brought you the seersucker hoodie last summer, are teaming up with the walletteers at Timo to bring you what the world had been wanting for so long: the seersucker wallet.


Sadly, it’s not seersucker fabric—just a pattern printed on sleek plastic—but the difference between how it looks and how it feels is more exciting than the fabric would have been. The insides of the wallets are made to look like rumpled brown paper, giving all that folding money a little extra company.


The collaboration is only available at Blue & Cream in the Hamptons, where most of Condé Nast is heading this weekend, so even if you won’t be nearby…maybe you can ask a friend to pick one up for you?