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Touring the Web’s Newest Storefront

Web boutiques have been popping up like daisies lately, but we’d like to single out a shop called Bench & Loom that opened up last week and immediately shot to the top of our list.

It’s a jumble of brands like Tellason, Garbstore and 18Waits, together with company profiles and Art of Manliness-style nostalgia. You could spend a whole afternoon exploring the site—but since you’re busy, we’ve rounded up the three coolest things below.

ChapalWe judge a store by the coolest, least-known brand it stocks—and in this case, the honor goes to the French leather shop Chapal. They’ve even got a company profile kicking around to show off all the artisanship at work. It’s a nice find, and a very sharp bag.

The Specialty ShopSometimes, you just want tons of motorcycle gear. So Builtwell is catering to our various flighty obsessions with a series of limited edition pop-up shops. The current one (through December) is devoted to all things motorcycle—from helmets to goggles to a quarter-million-dollar Brough Superior bike. If we haven’t bought it by December, we’ll assume we didn’t really want it. After that, we’ll have the energy to focus on skis.

The Phoenix ProjectWe know, it sounds like a Bond-villain plot, but it’s actually a plan to resurrect some of the cooler items from menswear’s back catalog. Currently they’ve picked out three jackets from James Dean’s classic Giant—a denim jacket, a western peacoat and the director’s field jacket. You can vote for your favorite of the three, and whichever pulls ahead will get its own limited-run reproduction, courtesy of the Builtwell production team. At the moment, it looks like Mr. Dean’s pea coat is the favorite…but we’ll keep you updated.

Update: After we posted, they their name from BuiltWell to Bench & Loom. Go figure.