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Tommy: “Ralph Who?”

  • Jared Paul Stern


Calvin, Ralph and Donna—no last names required—are the indisputable reigning troika of mainstream American fashion design. But not according to Tommy Hilfiger. It's no secret that Ralph looks at Tommy as a sub-par imitation of himself, while Hilfiger has felt his lack of true acceptance from the fashion firmament keenly; Ralph has copped eight CFDA Awards, for example, and Hilfiger has taken home only one.

In his new book, “Iconic America,” however, Tommy takes revenge. In a spread titled “The American Fashion Explosion” on iconic designers, Ralph's name is conspicuously absent, while Hilfiger's own logo is prominently inserted among those of Bill Blass, Halston and Oscar de la Renta. “It's definitely meant as a snub,” an insider tells us. “Not that Ralph will really give a damn. He's the billionaire after all.”

Meanwhile, Tommy's celebrating the book's release with two events tonight; a sign-and-swill at the Rizzoli store on West 57th, followed by an after-party at STK on Little West 12th, hosted by hip hotelier Andre Balazs and GQ.

Ralph would be there, but he has to wash his hair.