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Together Again


After a half-dozen pay-what-you-like internet releases, it hardly qualifies as news anymore. But when the album comes from two 70s vets, each with a long, legendary track record, it gets a little closer to newsworthiness.

The duo is David Byrne (occasional MOTH) and Brian Eno (an ambient pioneer and, most recently, the producer of Coldplay’s *Viva La Vida*), and the new album, *Everything That Happens Will Happen Today*, is a career highlight for each.

More importantly, the album has been put up Radiohead-style as an offering to the internet and the nascent New Record Industry. Unlike the others, this one’s offered as an embedded stream and we’ve posted it below, meaning it won’t be taking up space on your hard drive, but you can click through any time you want to hear it.

Eno was behind the boards for the Talking Head’s best three albums, and collaborated with Byrne directly for a [ground-breaking side project](, but they split after 1980’s Remain in Light and this is their first album in the 27 years since. Still this doesn’t feel like a reunion so much as one more tentative collaboration between two late-career experimenters.

Neither man is as funky or energetic as they were in 1980—with the exception of the jittery “I Feel My Stuff”—but a little mellowing is to be expected. Eno’s music has lost most of its rough edges, but he still plays with sounds better than anyone. Unsurprisingly, he’s responsible for most of the albums best moments, from the ambience-heavy title track to the surprisingly bass-heavy “Strange Overtones.” Byrne’s songwriting hasn’t changed much, but the *Wired* era has made his futurism more relevant than ever before, resulting in an album that’s a lot more than just a victory lap.

In fact, it might be the first record meant to be heard through laptop speakers.