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To the Left, To the Left

Jean d-Eve Sectora
A lesson from watch-trawling: once you get past the famous models, you’re liable to get into some seriously weird stuff.

Take, for example, this Jean d’Eve Sectora. As you may have noticed, there’s no dial. The minute hand slowly creeps right all day until, every hour, on the hour, it reaches the end and swoops back to the left in one glorious second. It’s not quite as elegant as the endless circles of a traditional timepiece, but we’ve always had a soft spot for eccentrics.

The philosopher in us wants to say it’s a bold rejection of the circular concept of time…but it might just be some clever gearhead showing off a new kind of movement.

As always, if you’re interested in picking it up, drop us a line at and we’ll pass it along to our watch guy.