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Timepiece Tuesday: Tom Landry’s Watches

  • Kempt Staff


With the NFL finally returning to regular season action, we’re deeming it Football Week here on Kempt.

So to kick things off, this #TimepieceTuesday we’re taking a look at the wrist of one of the 10 Most Stylish NFL Players of All Time, Tom Landry...

While he was an outstanding football player, Tom Landry is best remembered for his time on the sidelines—specifically as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for their first 29 seasons. He was a perfect picture of Eisenhower-era dapperness: dark suits, fedoras and the occasional sweater-vest. And he was always wearing a gold watch.

090214_tom-landry-watch-2It would seem that Landry went through a few watches over the years. This one looks square-faced, for instance.

090214_tom-landry-watch-3Then there was this round-faced Concord Collection watch he endorsed for many years.

090214_tom-landry-watch-4Yet the watch he’s shown wearing immortalized in bronze outside of Cowboys Stadium actually looks like a Rolex...

NM_12LANDRYtomAnd upon further digging, we were able to spot a Rolex Day-Date, sometimes known as the “Rolex President” (popularized by fellow Texan Lyndon B. Johnson), on Landry’s wrist.

Or in this case, the “Rolex Coach.”