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Timepiece Tuesday: Louis C.K.’s Rolex

  • Kempt Staff


Of all the deep thoughts Louie has left us pondering over the past four seasons, there’s one that’s bothered us most: what the heck is that watch he’s always wearing?

In every episode. In every scene. In the pool, even. We hadn’t pegged him for a watch guy, which led us to the assumption that he was wearing some off-brand diver. But we couldn’t have been more wrong. And it turns out that the story behind it was an even better discovery.

Naturally, it’s a funny one—involving Chris Rock and Tina Fey to boot...

081214_Louis-CK-Rolex-1 First, the big reveal: it turns out the watch is a stainless-steel Rolex Submariner.

Now, the story: on a recent episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Tina Fey tells the story of how Chris Rock once invited a handful of comedy writers to rework a script he’d been working on. Also in that writers’ room was one Louis C.K. Upon completion, Chris Rock was pleased enough with their work that he sent each writer home with five grand and a gift: an inscribed Rolex Submariner that read “Thanks for the Help Motherfucker.”

"I Think I Love My Wife" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet That’s the same watch Louis C.K. wears almost every day. (He corroborates the story to Seinfeld in another episode, while wearing the watch.) It’s the perfect example of why people collect watches: there’s always a story behind them.

153419901VA119_Comedy_Centr Although lately we’ve been noticing Louis C.K. wearing a new watch during stand-up shows—that looks a lot like an IWC Pilot Chrono. In his latest special there’s even a moment were you see him fiddle with it right before stepping to the mic—probably activating the stopwatch function to keep time on his hour-long show.

The other reason people collect watches: to use them.