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Timepiece Tuesday: Field Watches

  • Kempt Staff


On Veterans Day, we’re reminded of the great contributions our servicemen have made over the years.

Not only to our nation, but also to the way we dress—from peacoats to desert boots to the venerable field watch.

And since it happens to be Tuesday, we’re taking a closer look at the best of the handsomely utilitarian watches—inspired by the timepieces issued to officers in the field since World War I—on the market today...

111114_field-watches-1 Hamilton Khaki Field Officer Handwinding

111114_field-watches-2 Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch

111114_field-watches-3 Orvis Liberty Chronograph

111114_field-watches-4 Timex for J.Crew Military Watch

111114_field-watches-5 MWC G10 Military Watch

111114_field-watches-6 Bell & Ross 123 Heritage

111114_field-watches-7 Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari Chronometer