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Three Things We Learned at Orley

  • Kempt Staff


This is the latest in our seasonal series on New York Fashion Week.

We dropped by the High Line Hotel today, where you could both see Orley’s fall/winter collection and pick up a cup of Intelligentsia coffee that took about 15 minutes to make. Good times.

Anyway: here are three things you should know about our experience.

0205orley2 1. These guys have a knit to pick. Sure, there were some handsome wool car coats, flannel pants and one seriously Weller-worthy puppytooth motorcycle jacket. But the knit ties, turtleneck sweaters and cardigans remained their most covetable offerings.

2. Selima Optique helped them get in shape. They made the show’s red acetate sunglasses, which presented a nice change of pace from the (still classic) Persol/Wayfarer shapes we’re used to seeing.

3. Beards: on their way out? Not that male models have ever been the most hirsute members of the population, but there wasn’t a facial follicle to be found at the show. We’ll keep our eye on this important development.