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Three Things We Learned at Jack Spade Today

  • Kempt Staff


This is the first in a seasonal series on New York Fashion Week.

We hopped up to the New York Public Library this morning to see Jack Spade’s first-ever full-on Fashion Week presentation. Behold, three things you should know about our experience.

1. American basics: it’s Jack Spade’s new calling card. Slim, not skinny suits. Pinstripes and navy blazers. Jeans in every shade. Desert boots galore. All were out in full force. Nothing especially unusual (well, maybe the suede sweatpants), but nothing you’d kick out of your closet for eating crackers. 0205spade2 2. ... Though not without a little whimsy. The library’s Edna Barnes Salomon Room—with its portraits of Astors and busts of the presidents—was outfitted with Andy Spade–worthy whimsy, right down to the hats adorning said busts.

3. Boots with suits: it’s happening. Because how else is a natty style editor expected to hike from cab to show in the slush. (Plus, it’s almost like we predicted it or something.)