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Three Things to Know About Ernest Alexander

  • Kempt Staff


This is the latest in our seasonal series on New York Fashion Week.

Just around the corner from Hart, Ernest Alexander was prepping for yesterday’s fall presentation. Naturally, we stopped over to chat a bit with the man himself (Ernest Sabine) and to get a peek at the new leather-laden collection.

Check out the three things to know:

1. You’ll look good in leather. He’s taken the same Italian hides used in his accessories and is introducing a tightly tailored array of leather moto jackets and bombers.

2. Which comes in handy while board track racing. According to Ernest, that’s the vibe he’s shooting for. And he kinda hit the nail on the head: classic styles from vintage motocross updated with super-fitted, clean lines.


3. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Complimenting the array of shearling collars, plaid blazers and houndstooth trousers is a new range of overnight, flight and garment bags in olive canvas and black leather.