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Thom Browne Also in Bed with Target

  • Najib Benouar

Earlier this year, we brought news of a Thom Browne suit that you could pick up for around a grand. Now, behold: a Thom Browne blazer for 150 clams. (About a tenth of what his stuff usually goes for.)

It’s a product of yet another Target collaboration—this time with Neiman Marcus and some more design-world heavies (part of a holiday collection, so you’ll find some Band of Outsiders cookie cutters amongst the handful of men’s stuff). It’s got the signature Thom Browne schoolboy thing happening and his tricolor stripe in the placket (so you know it’s Thom Browne for Target), but it isn’t made from some odd blend of material—the promise of 100% wool gives us some hope that Browne kept some standards. Naturally, we’ll hold off final judgment till the December 1 release date.

Which, sadly, is one month too late for your “Gangnam Style” costume.