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This Year’s Model


Michael Bastian has been turning out elegant-if-pricey staples for a couple seasons now, and before that he was with the ur-preppies at Polo, so if there’s a next big thing in preppidom, our money’s on him. And apparently Gant agrees.

His collaboration with the storied rugby brand debuted at Fashion Week last month and images are finally leaking to the web. We don’t endorse every last piece—particularly the over-distressed jeans and khakis—but of the 42 items there are at least seven we’re not sure we can do without. Not a bad average, as these things go.

Our favorite is this wool pant, the kind of rough-textured fall pant we usually turn to Sweden for. It’ll be a few more months before you can see them in person, but we’re guessing it’s worth the wait.