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This Man Is Wearing a Tie on His Head, and So Can You

  • Ricky McCrumb


On a recent trip down the Reddit rabbit hole, something gave us pause. It was a man. Wearing a suit. Or rather, it was a man in a dressing room, imagining himself and his suit on a rager of a night... and documenting it all through the lens of his camera phone.

072214_Reddit-dressing-room-1 Shot one brings us freshly pressed and ironed. Shot two, after shot two. Shot three, in-laws finally went home. Shot four, “Has anyone seen Mike?” Shot five, meeting at the rally point.

072214_Reddit-dressing-room-2 Now, we would never presume to tell you how to behave in the privacy of a possibly monitored dressing room. Maybe steal a page from this selfie-taking gentleman’s playbook. Maybe don’t. Or maybe just keep it for internal use only. Regardless of your choice, there is something to be learned here.

072214_Reddit-dressing-room-3 Whether you plan on wearing that new tuxedo to opening night of the opera, your brother’s booze-filled wedding or skiing down the side of a mountain shooting an inordinate amount of henchmen, you’re gonna want to plan accordingly.

072214_Reddit-dressing-room-4 Every piece of clothing you don should be well suited for the event you’re attending, as well as versatile enough to handle anything that is thrown your way in the course of an evening. Literal projectiles included.

072214_Reddit-dressing-room-5 That being said, we would like to thank this man for introducing us to this innovative approach to the changing room. Also for reminding us that if you plan on going viral, upgrade the camera.

Nevertheless, well played.