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If this polo shirt looks familiar, it should. You’ve probably seen the American Apparel version on at least a dozen skinny hipsters by now…you just haven’t seen it in this size.

Don't look for it in stores, though. This one comes from Colossal Clothing, a new brand that deals in American Apparel styles and fabrics recut for less emaciated frames. Every tron jacket and henley is still made in Dov’s own factories, but the cuts are brand new and the shape is unlike anything you'll see on a billboard.

Of course, AA is no stranger to private label runs, but this is the first time they’ve tried a label quite so close to their own brand, and it's also the first time the label's come from inside the company. Founder Dave Friedman was a marketing consultant at AA before he decided to take on the XL market, and it turned out all he needed was a new designer, a few specs, and a few friends in the biz.

A thousand shirts later, he’s got his own brand with enough clout to make it into a wardrobe department or two, and a pitch that should resonate with anyone who’s thought the in-store racks were missing a size or two.

As for his models...we're guessing they're safe.