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Things We Learned at the Sleep-In with Sleepy Jones

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Sleepy Jones

The other day we received a curious invitation to a 24-hour sleepover with promises of reading, writing, painting and pondering...

Naturally, we obliged, and ended up happening upon one of the most unusually spectacular scenes we’ve ever encountered: pajama-clad ballerinas draping doorways in calisthenics, jazz-fueled pillow fighting and the soft, familiar scent of whiskey and bedsheets.

So in the name of journalism, we took pictures. And we’re setting down a list of lessons we learned from the night, starting with...

Sleepy Jones

Dressing in the likeness of a puzzle doesn’t help in solving it.

Sleepy Jones

In lieu of traditional PJ separates, body paint will suffice.

Sleepy Jones

Chocolate glazed donuts taste best with potato chips. And even better while pantsless.

Sleepy Jones

Group play is encouraged, as long as you have the strum of a ukulele to keep the mood light.

Sleepy Jones

Red lights and Nat Geo yield sultry electric keyboard riffs.