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These Are Your September Must-Haves

  • Kempt Staff

Robert Redford Reading Map

With Labor Day weekend on the horizon, we’ve found ourselves in the twilight of summer, but probably a month or so out before it will really begin to feel autumnal.

So we’ve put together a fresh crop of must-haves that will get you through the odd uneven time between this weekend’s unofficial end to beach days and when the first leaf turns.

These are your September must-haves...

082714_rugger-mod-suitA Mod-ish Suit: This fall is shaping up to look like the second coming of Beatlemania, except this time it’s just the trim suits, stovepipe jeans and leather jackets. Like this number from Gant Rugger.

082714_steven-alan-campfireThe Smell of Campfire: It’s best if you actually get out and do some pre-fall adventuring in the woods—pitch a tent and all that—but in a pinch, a candle should do the trick.

082714_bluto-college-sweaterSchool Spirit: It’s back-to-school season, which means you ought to get out there and give it the old college try. (Bottle of Jack optional.)

082714_oyster-shuckingOyster-Shucking Knife: The general rule about oyster consumption: only in months ending in R. Which, hey, look at that. Oyster season is back. Start shucking.

082714_marzen-oktoberfestA Märzen-Worthy Stein: Oktoberfest. It actually starts in September, then spills over into October. Any excuse to start drinking Märzen as soon as possible is a good one. Especially if you have a sweet giant German mug to drink it from.

082714_quilted blazerA Quilted Blazer: Another good thing to have as late September transitions into October. Like this one from Barena Venezia.

Robert Redford Reading MapAn Analog Map: There’s something special about hitting the road with only your wits and a giant piece of paper that folds out accordion-style. It’s the sort of roughing it that isn’t actually that rough, but still sufficiently rewarding.

082714_Justin-townes-earleA Road Trip Album: Like the new Justin Townes Earle album, Single Mothers, dropping on September 9. Or better yet, grab that map and drive out to see him on tour in somewhere like Chattanooga, TN, or Rocky Mountain, VA.