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There Will Be Shoes


We applauded Daniel Day-Lewis’ Oscar win Sunday night as recognition for both a great actor and a great man of style, but also an excellent cobbler.

Everyone needs a hobby.

The two-time Best Actor winner and milkshake enthusiast took a break before shooting Gangs of New York to spend some quality time as apprentice to Stefano Bemer, a former Gucci sole man and one of the finest bespoke cobblers in Florence. Bemer is famous for using unusual dyes and even more unusual materials, like camel leather and toad skin. The final product will set you back about two grand, and the wait time is up to three months, but it’s worth it for Stefano’s meticulous and obsessive nature. Remind you of anyone?

Day-Lewis is notoriously press-shy, so we’re unlikely to see a demonstration of his skills, but he did open up to a CNN interviewer a while back, confessing to “a fascination for shoes, for the construction of shoes, which is a very complex and beautiful process.”

We couldn’t agree more.