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The Working Man’s Fanny Pack


Storage is never pretty. In fact, we’d probably opt for pocketless pants if we didn’t have all this stuff to carry. Our general rule is, the more discreet, the better. Which is why, for all its military canvas cred, we have to cast a slightly skeptical eye at this Woolrich belt pack.

It bumps hard against the main limit of workwear: you’re not actually a carpenter. (Apologies to any actual carpenters.)

In the case of work boots, it’s fine to have a little more durability than you strictly need. But in the case of this belt pack, it’s hard to avoid the question of what you’ll actually put in them. If the answer is a hammer, a tape measure and roofing nails, then you’re fine. But if the answer involves your iPhone, you might be better off with pockets.