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The Winter Must-Haves

  • Najib Benouar

You might be wondering why Kempt looks so fresh-faced here in the new year... Yes, we finally shaved, but also: we’ve updated our Must-Haves for the deep winter. (You’ll find them in their semipermanent home over in the left column.)

We’ve got all the chalet-ing and grown-man mittens the next couple snow-laden months require. Take a look:

1. A Chalet.Whether it’s in Gstaad, Aspen or the nearest mountain, you’ll want to bunk down in some snow-laden backcountry with only the warmth of a fire and a companion for at least a night or two. Skiing optional.

2. Your Rosebud.Not even a coldhearted publishing tycoon can resist the nostalgic charm of a wooden sled.

3. Original Popcorn Popper.Here’s another way to put that fire to good use.

4. A Really (Cool) Warm Blanket.Make sure there’s just enough room for two.

5. A Firewood Carrier.Between now and April, you’re going to spend at least one weekend at a snow-locked cabin reenacting the training montage from Rocky IV. Here’s how you’ll carry all that wood you chopped back to the fireplace.

6. A Thermos Flask.It’s a thermos or a flask, which means you can carry whatever sort of drink keeps you warm, right in your pocket.

7. Grown-Man Mittens.The only mittens you’ll ever get away with wearing as an adult.

8. A Drink That Finds You.The first round of mulled brandywine is on him.