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The Wheels of Industry


Never underestimate a bike nerd on a mission.

Take, for instance, the case of Velo Orange. Their stock-in-trade is bike hardware: shifters, fenders, cranksets and everything else. It’s handsome enough, but not exactly essential gear. But when they turned their attention to bike storage, they had the connections to track down a 50s-era Japanese luggage company and end up with some of the most handsome bike gear we’ve seen since…well, this.

They’ve got panniers (the ones that hang alongside the back wheel) and baskets (the ones that hang over the front wheel), but our favorite is this bag that suspends itself perfectly still over the back tire. It’s perfect for any picnics or unusually refined tailgating you may have in your future. And, thanks to the enduring frugality of the biking crowd, none of it will set you back more than $150.