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The Vintage Briefcase


Of all the handsome stuff kicking through the second-hand shops of the world, our favorite is the vintage briefcase, for one very simple reason: cliché or not, they just don’t make them like they used to.

There’s a reason for that too. It’s a throwback item at its core—built without iPod pockets, a phone holder or any other concessions to the modern age. But despite the gray flannel associations, the look of well-worn leather has attracted quite a few modern followers. You may have noticed the gents at Street Etiquette making particularly good use of them, or Blackbird’s recently unearthed Salesman’s model. But if you’re in the market, you’re still better off checking eBay…or just trawling your friendly neighborhood vintage shop.

The downside? Well, they’re heavier than they strictly have to be, they can’t handle your groceries like those canvas tote bags…but there’s still no better way to show the world you mean business.