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The Very Best of John Belushi: A Video Primer

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


The late master of sketch would’ve been 65 today, which got us pining for the good ol’ days of the Olympia diner, Samurai Futaba, John Blutarsky and the like.

So, we did what we do, and took to the Internet—putting together a little primer for you, a greatest hits reel if you will. And while (unfortunately) copyrights and various other red tape have nixed most of the greatness, we were steadfast.

Block off the next 30 minutes in your Google calendars and buckle up for the best of John Belushi:

“The Killer Bees,” Saturday Night Live

Bluto, Animal House

“Slave Ship,” The Richard Pryor Show

First Audition, Saturday Night Live

Joliet Jake Blues, The Blues Brothers

Captain Wild Bill Kelso, 1941