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The Unsung Style Hero of Wimbledon

wimbledonjudgevia LIFE

As Wimbledon draws to a close, we’re ready to call style winners. And while we won’t bore you with another rant about how they all dressed better in the 20s, we will say this: the best-dressed gentleman of the evening was not to be found on the court. Or at least, not at ground level…

No, our favorite outfit of the tournament came from the chair umpires. (Unlike the rest of us, they actually have an excuse for wearing a piped jacket.) The clothes come courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren, but the look comes from hundreds of years of British lawn games, from croquet to, well, grass court tennis. The master stroke is matching his cream colored sneakers and pants, and keeping both blessedly free of grass stains.

Looking sharp is all the more important since the Cyclops system has made him largely decorative. Now that a computer’s making the hard calls, this gentleman’s main purpose is to sit above the net and look pretty. By our lights, he did a great job.