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Modern gadgetry is moving in lots of different directions at once, but one thing that’s pretty clear is that the world is going to have fewer wires in it. Tenqa is a west coast company trying to bring Bluetooth wireless tech to home stereos, but they’re having to do it without any corporate partnerships, which makes things significantly more interesting.

Since Bluetooth connects devices, so far it’s mostly used with devices that already exist (your Motorola phone gets a Motorola earpiece, for instance), but Tenqa’s offering a more wholesale proposition: Get your headphones, speakers and receiver all from them, and you’ll never have to deal with audio cable again. It’s a lot to buy at once, but cutting-edge tech is used to asking a lot.


If a pre-established brand like Bose tried to pull this move, it would probably get a bigger response, but so far larger companies have been remarkably slow in getting Bluetooth tech in their devices, leaving it to small firms like Tenqa to promote it from the outside. The audiophiles have yet to weigh in, but they’ve been lukewarm on Bluetooth modules so far. Then again, maybe they’re just waiting for one that can handle vinyl.