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The Ultimate Driving Machine Is Now a Desk Chair

We’re of the mind that luxury sports cars should remain luxury sports cars and chairs should remain chairs. It’s a slippery slope otherwise, a slope that nine times out of 10 leads to fire-engine-red Ferrari armchairs with matching slippers, grease stains on the head rests, monthly ExtenZe shipments and so on...

All this to say: we like the new BMW Clarity seating series. They’re all about “design through reduction,” which seems like the right way to approach, you know, chairs. As a result, the omissions are the features: no mysterious, Aeron-esque collection of pulleys/cranks/levers, no armrest detachments and (mercifully) no dickish Beemer logo front and center.

After all, we wouldn’t want to take away from your snow-camouflaged Lambo...