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The Two Kinds of Fur Coat

fur coat

The internet is angry today, my friends.

This Band of Outsiders fur coat arrived at Oki-ni, and the tumblr crowd wasted no time in calling it out as ridiculous. But the speed and strength of the backlash—especially against a menswear sacred cow like Band of Outsiders—makes us think there’s a taboo at stake here.

Allow us to clear things up: There are two kinds of fur coats in the world. And unless you’re a rapper or a prizefighter, this is the wrong kind.

You’ve seen the bad ones at Aspen Fashion Week or being worn by 50 cent, but there actually is a way to pull it off.

As you might expect, it means going back to the origins of the look—back when people would actually make clothing out of fresh pelts. It still happens in less bloggy parts of the world, and if you’re an old man of the west, it can look pretty fantastic. (Exhibit A.) In movie terms, we’ve taken to calling it the Jeremiah Johnson look, after the 70s Redford flick , and there are quite a few jackets that channel it effectively.

The Band of Outsiders version splits the difference between that and the mob wife equivalent. It’s quite a risk—especially with three grand on the line—but there’s something cool in that direction. Maybe if it were a little more ragged, a little less refined.

Having said that, we’ve only ever seen one gentleman actually make this work, and he was playing “Get Back” on a London rooftop. So we’d give this one a pass unless you already have a legion of adoring fans.

And Tumblr followers don’t count.