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The Twilight of the Trad

Royal Wedding

So far, we’ve resisted the urge to write about tomorrow’s Royal Wedding, but since he's going to be in a very big spotlight, we couldn’t let the occasion pass without a few words concerning William’s status as the standard bearer for British style.

In short, the prince dresses like a banker. And it’s bad news.

Mostly, we’re frustrated. The young prince has all of Savile Row at his disposal, the accumulation of century’s of master tailoring, but the most flair he can muster is the slanted hacking pockets you see in his engagement photos. When he finds his way to a pocket square (rarely, as Winston Chesterfield noted), it peeks out of his pocket in a lump.

Compare that to Prince Charles, who has shown us a pretty consistent string of fantastic suits, representing both the double-breasted suit and the leek lapel. We’re not asking Will to dress like his father, but one of these days he’s going to be setting the style cues for the whole kingdom—the least he could throw on a little tweed now and then. Failing that, surely someone could hand the man a buttonhole carnation for tomorrow.

And if the future leader of an obsolete monarchy doesn’t have time for trad style…we’re not sure who else will.