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The Tucked T-Shirt


It’s a little warm out there.

So once the weekend rolls around, we understand if you choose to take to the streets in a weathered t-shirt that normally doesn’t see the light of day. It’s not ideal, but desperate times call for desperate measures—and sometimes, that means dressing like an unusually well-groomed mechanic.

We only ask one thing: think about tucking it in.

It’s practically a style truism when dealing with buttoned shirts, but it’s rare to see the tuck executed on a humble t-shirt. It’s unexpected, which makes it a welcome grace note in our book. To be fair, it’s a look best worn with denim (as in the case of this gentleman), but it should work with plenty of more summery equivalents like light cotton or linen.

The crucial note: as you might notice with this gent, the tuck tends to draw the eye to your beltline, so now’s the time to break out the coolest belt you’ve got. And if you felt like sticking your thumbs through the belt loops like this gentleman, it might not be such a bad idea.