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The Toughest Pants in the World


Ladies and gentlemen, the toughest pants in the world. They’re not the perfect stylebut there’s something to be said for brute durability.

They're called firehose pants—no jokes, please—because the fabric is the same canvas you’ll find on the outside of a rubber firehose, weighing in at 11½ ounces per square yard. (To give you some idea, a heavy-duty drop cloth will usually be ten-ounce.) Throw in double-chapping panels down the legs and you’ve got a nigh indestructible pair of pants.

Of course, they're not the perfect style—we’d prefer something a little slimmer at the ankles, for starters—and they're bound to be overkill if your job doesn’t involve blasting holes into things. But if you ever need a pair of pants that can withstand a little underwater drilling, you'll know where to find them.