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The Top 10 Fragrance Experts on YouTube


Choosing just the right scent for the season is a tricky business. Sure, you could head to the fragrance department at Barneys.

Or you could go to YouTube and watch what, in our humble opinion, are the “Top 10 YouTube Videos Featuring Random Dudes Offering No One in Particular Their Favorite Fall Fragrances of 2011, Broadcast from What Appear to Be Their Parents’ Basements.”

Trust us, you’re gonna want to give this one a sniff...

Honorable Mention: BradyReviewz“You guys are probably wondering why I even own this fragrance. It is an older man fragrance, not something a 15-year-old’s gonna wear to high school, so it’s kind of original for me to wear. But other than that, it’s kind of for older men. My grandpa came over and he forgot to wear cologne. So I gave him about five or six options. He picked this one. Yeah, this is something an older man would love.” (Re: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme)

#10: SILVERPUNK2427“To me it smells like just delicious, edible, sweet Play-Doh. And to me that’s just mesmerizing. When I spray this on, I just can’t stop smellin’ it.” (Re: Dior Homme)

#9: Pfalzgreven“I go by a lot of names. Some of you may know me as Squid. Some of you may know me as Gin. And most of you will know me as Le Grande Duke. The Grand Duke. But here on YouTube I go by the name of Pfalzgreven.”

#8: Rhaybans“The best way I can describe this one is to paint a picture: you’re out mowing the yard. You gotta refill the lawnmower, you pour the gas in so you’re getting the gasoline and oil fumes mixture and you’ve got grass clippings all over you. Don’t tell Dior but if they charged $200 for this I would probably pay.” (Re: Fahrenheit by Dior)

#7: Tswetcoff“It’s so nice. It’s a boozy feel. You get cinnamon, you get wood. I mean, this just makes me think of fall, makes me think of the changing color of the leaves, leaves falling on the ground, you know, the seasons, holiday seasons, this just—wow. It can be great for a man in a suit, it can be great for a more mature man, I believe anybody can wear this. Rate, comment, subscribe, hope you enjoyed my video.” (Re: Burberry London)

#6: Kirill19902—“As you can see, I have a brand-new lighting setup. Brand-new camera. So that is a thing to mention I think that is going to be a new step in my channel. Let me know in the comments below how you like the new video quality.”

#5: MrTravisDiaz“Number one? Pure Malt. It’s a lady killer. A panty dropper.” (Re: Angel Men Pure Malt Cologne for Men by Thierry Mugler)

#4: CityMessiah (AKA/FKA “Luis Single”)“Mmmph. It’s a very modern, masculine scent that hits you from all directions.” (Re: Kiton Black)

#3: Hiroyoruzuka“I’m gonna tell you right now all you bandwagon people, just get on this before somebody reviews it and overhypes it.” (Re: Midnight in Paris EDT by Van Cleef & Arpels)

#2: Dracdoc“There are four honorable mentions that I have this time. Last time in my summer video I only had two. But this time, it kind of was a little bit weird.”

#1: My Mickers“I would first like to send a thank-you to all of you who have sent in a cologne collection video for the Burberry London contest. Appreciate that. Some of you it is your first video on Youtube. Love that. Let’s get some more rolling in ’cause I just wanna flood YouTube with cologne collection videos. Ha!”