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The Tin Man


For all our gushing about ACL’s American List, we’re more interested in how things are made than where. Of course, it’s easier to keep an eye on things if they’re domestic, but really we just want to see what those factories really look like.

Patagonia is giving us the next best thing with their latest site, the Tin Shed (via Josh Spear). It’s not exactly complete transparency, but it gives a peek into the early history of the brand, which turns out to look a little different than you’d expect.

The shed itself is a reference to the marque’s early days making rock climbing equipment in a shed in southern California. There are a few pictures from the heyday, along with a brief overview of how they got where they are.

The brand has always been run by mountain climbers, so the web videos tend to be laid-back travelogues documenting a few of Alaska’s more obscure peaks or following a freeclimb up a terrifying bundle of rock in the southwest called Rhapsody. It’s a good fit for the company’s ecological image…even if you have to see it all through a computer screen.