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The Times on the Continued Failure of the Utilikilt


> "Pants! They're back! People are wearing pants! It sounds dimly like a fashion-news parody…"

Considering that this little moment of self-effacement comes from the same paper of record and author that recently declared neckties to be back "in," it's hard to take David Colman's piece "Mr. Jeans Meets Mr. Pants" as parodic. Really, what's the next hot item from the New York Times—collared shirts? Socks?

Even though most of us were well ahead on the bell curve here, Colman's central faux-naive point has a useful, mantra-like quailty: "As men grow more at ease articulating how they want to look, the limitations of jeans become clear: you are always that guy in jeans." Yeah, and who wants to be thatguy (at least on a weekday?)

Colman backs up his point with a look at some hard statistics, a marginally douchey premium-tequila entrepreneur keepin' it real in SoHo and some solid suggestions including trousers by Prada and Converse by Jon Varvatos and—sighClub Monaco.

For a looser, but equally refined look, we suggest trips to 3.1 Phillip Lim in SoHo. For a rock n' roll bridge between denim and cotton, try Alter in Greenpoint. Oh, and in case you're unfamiliar with how these "pants" work, they go on one leg at a time.

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