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The Ties of Yore


An Affordable Wardrobe launched their online shop over the weekend, and we couldn’t resist a quick dip into the world of pennywise vintage. As with all thrifting, good judgment is key (the useful-seeming junk in someone else's closet can easily become the useful-seeming junk in your closet), but there are plenty of gems to be found—especially if you’ve got room in your closet for a few more unorthodox ties.

We’d start with this one, a densely patterned relic of the LBJ-era neckwear. The style might be familiar from some of Hill-Side’s recent projects, but this one’s a full three inches wide, and the colors are a good deal darker than the Corsillo Brothers’ Hawaiian variations. The rules for pulling it off are mostly the same—a button-down oxford and the simplest odd-jacket you’ve got—but if you’ve got a velvet smoking jacket handy, now might be the time.