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The Three Sweaters You Need for This Winter

As the show says, winter is coming.

So naturally, we’ve been pulling late hours getting our sweater game together. And after weeks of careful scientific study, we’ve narrowed the whole knit spectrum down to three key items. Between the three of them, they should cover you for just about any situation you encounter for the next five months—including any fishing voyages you may have planned.

And to save you the late hours, we’ve tipped you off to our favorite pieces in each category. Gentlemen, take it to heart.

The Shawl-Collared CardiganThere’s a reason you see so many of them around these parts. It’s easily our favorite item in the fall/winter canon: layerable, easy to pair with a tie and never anything less than cozy. The gold standard is the Scottish knit from Inverallan, which recently went out of production but can be found here. For something more aristocratic, Billy Reid makes a great double-breasted version, and J.Crew has a good model for the budget-conscious.

The TurtleneckIt’s risky, but a trend is a trend. Naturally, you’ll want to stick to the rugged kind, but that should leave you with plenty of options. Our favorite is Nigel Cabourn’s roll neck, if only because it seems most like something you could wear on a fishing boat, but Robert Geller makes a slightly fancier version that’s not bad either.

The Ridiculous PatternSome things are just too much fun to pass up—like ski sweaters, Fair Isle vests and any other variety of loud, possibly holiday-themed knit that might find its way into your closet. We wouldn’t describe it as “cool,” exactly, but it would be a shame to spend the whole winter dressed in shades of oatmeal.