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The Three Best Parts of Election Day (That Had Nothing to Do with Politics)

  • Najib Benouar

Sure, the whole thing is about electing a president for the next four years, but there was plenty more going on yesterday during the quadrennial festivities known as Election Day 2012. Here’s what we saw.

The three nonpolitical things we enjoyed about last night’s election.

1. The well-dressed newsmen.Lester Holt was running a clinic on how to wear a pocket square on-screen, and Don Lemon wore a great vintage tie that was bipartisan but not in a “blue plus red equals purple” way.

2. People got dressed up to vote.Romney stepped out with a shades-of-blogger-blue suit jacket (mismatched from his pants) that was surprisingly good-looking. And an intrepid columnist from Austin, TX, dressed up as Big Bird to cast his ballot.

3. NYC landmarks got involved.CNN lit up the Empire State Building whenever another state had been won—with blue and red blocks of light climbing the spire to victory. NBC turned the 30 Rock skating rink into an electoral map. ABC set up shop in Times Square. It was a great way to support the city/region still recovering from Hurricane Sandy—reminding viewers at home and adding a citywide boost of morale.