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More goodies from CES, thanks to our friends at Energi-to-Go:

We’ve been sorting through the aftermath of CES for a few days, but as with any gathering, one of the most interesting parts was how the crowd was dressed. There were an awful lot of tucked-in dress shirts and khakis, and even more t-shirts and jeans…but we still managed to track down a few sartorial gems.

And of course, it wouldn’t be CES without a segway or two.

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Vegas style tends to the flashy, but this particular number comes straight from New York…as you might have guessed. Naturally, a lime green suit makes a pretty easy target, but we happen to think he pulls it off pretty well, and with no small bit of wisdom. The jacket and shirt may be a little eye-searing, but he balances it with dark slacks. It wouldn’t fly in the big city, but he thought it through more than 99% of the crowd, which deserves a little recognition.


As is usual with tech gatherings, most of the really well-dressed people were orthodox Jews. These suits may be a bit more modest than the lime green getup on the previous gentleman, but we’ve never been more aware of the orthodox community’s finely tuned sense of style.

With the formal revival in full swing—dovetailing nicely with Williamsburg becoming a style center—the dark three piece suit has never looked better. Consider it.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the best-dressed man at CES. You can't go wrong with a good vest.