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The Taylor Stitch Crew Gets Technical

  • Najib Benouar

df5fc57ad02e9f6b93fbc8d62ef3a589_largeTaylor Stitch started out as a humble custom-shirting operation half a decade ago—but since then, the gents have built a small empire of dapperness out of their San Francisco workshop.

They’ve gone from shirts to pants, to belts, to hats, to denim suits.

And now they’re applying their knack for laid-back tailoring to technical gear—in the form of Olivers.

It’s currently in Kickstarter mode—at press time, roughly 48 hours into funding, they’ve already quadrupled their goal—so it’s safe to say they’re making the first iteration. They’re starting out with a pair of go-anywhere shorts (timed for San Francisco’s famed Indian summer) and have plans for expanding into a full line of tailored athletic gear. Which means more sturdy, thoughtfully made gear to stock your duffel bag is on the way.