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The T-Shirt Toughens Up

American Giant Tee

T-shirts are more complicated than they look.

Most of the nicer tees take after the gauzy American Apparel version—which, thanks to white-labeling, has found its way into a surprising number of shops. It’s not bad, but the fuzzy cotton can get a bit cloying in warmer weather, so we’re glad a challenger has come onto the scene with a new idea of what a T-shirt should feel like.

The latest model comes from American Giant (the same folks behind that half-cardigan we mentioned last week), and it’s got a more rough-and-tumble edge. The hand is more akin to a lightweight sweatshirt, which means you can wear it out unlayered without fearing the breezes. And since they’re selling everything direct, you can pick one up for $24.50. Wear it well.