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The Summer Briefcase

  • Najib Benouar

On the heels of our 10 essential beach gadgets, we've stumbled upon what might very well be the most ideal bag to lug it all to the shore.

It’s a military-issue fighter pilot’s helmet bag, but Alexander Grant has brought to our attention that its rugged nylon construction and simple design make it extremely versatile for daily use—when child rearing, in his case, but we imagine using it for beach-going or even carrying a laptop around town. It's all about tactical simplicity: two front snap pockets (one for a pair of flip-flops and another for your sunscreen) and a padded main section with more than enough room for your summer reading, a towel and those high-tech goggles. All at a price that ought alleviate any fears of sand- or saltwater-induced damage.

And since they’re army spec, they come in every pattern of camo under the sun. (Great news for the Wooster camp.)