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The Suave and the Goofy

Alexander Skarsgårdvia GoaG

The movie world is a strange place. There are the superhumanly suave movie stars, of course—hey, there’s one on the right—but there are also regular people who eat and breathe and sometimes make goofy facial expressions.

And when they end up in the same photo, it’s hilarious.

This one comes from a party last week for Melancholia. Alexander Skarsgård was dressed for the occasion in a gunmetal YSL suit, looking as if he’d just stepped out of a cologne ad. 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer looked a little bit goofier, as if he’d just stepped out of... well, 30 Rock. It’s quite a contrast, but somehow, each of them manages to make the other one look cooler—even as Mr. McBrayer seems to be fighting to keep control of his hands.

Ever the gentleman, Skarsgård was unfazed. Well played, sir.