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The Style Icons’ Guide to Knit Caps

  • Kempt Staff


It’s already cold as all get-out in most of the country—and it’s only a matter of time before you’re reaching for a woolen topper on your way out the door.

So, to help you settle on your own personal style for the winter, we’ve brought together some of the most stylish gents to don a knit cap, together with the modern day equivalent…

120914_knit-cap-reaganThe Icon: Ronald Reagan The Cap: Archival Clothing

120914_knit-cap-nicholson The Icon: Jack Nicholson The Cap: Everlane

120914_knit-cap-mcqueen The Icon: Steve McQueen The Cap: S.N.S. Herning

120914_knit-cap-gaye The Icon: Marvin Gaye The Cap: Best Made Co

120914_knit-cap-pacino The Icon: Al Pacino The Cap: Club Monaco

120914_knit-cap-deniro The Icon: Robert DeNiro The Cap: Kaufmann Mercantile

120914_knit-cap-beckham The Icon: David Beckham The Cap: Maison Martin Margiela

120914_knit-cap-murray The Icon: Bill Murray The Cap: AMI

120914_knit-cap-lapo The Icon: Lapo Elkann The Cap: The Elder Statesman