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The Streets is Watchin’


Street art has always been a bit too politically prickly to fit in with the web 2.0 crowd…but that’s no reason to stop trying. After all, populism is populism, and if street artists managed to make nice with auction houses, who’s to say they can’t fit a few iPhones into their repertoire?

Adidas’s new Urban Art Guide (via NotCot) is one of the first tries, and it handles it as well as could be hoped…at least, if you live in Berlin.

The UAG’s website and iPhone app catalogs all the street art in the city and reshapes the info into a map or a guided tour. Of course, pieces are continually being taken down and replaced, so the UAG relies on an active community snapping and posting each and every mural they walk by. The result is a comprehensive tour of the city’s underground art, accessible to anyone with a web connection.

Of course, it’s a priceless resource for street art blogs, but it’s even better if you find yourself on the streets of Berlin with an iPhone and a spare afternoon. It’s one thing to add pictures to the digital world, but sending urbanites away from their computers on a digital scavenger hunt is a whole new ballgame.

Now if someone would just take on New York.