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The Statements Your Sunglasses Are Making

The right pair of shades can transform a mere human into an icon. McQueen is his folding Persols, Cruise is his Wayfarers, Dwayne Wayne is his... Dwayne Wayne glasses. When your eyes are covered, the only things projecting your innermost soul are a frame, lenses and a healthy dose of attitude.

But what exactly are your sunglasses saying about you?

Garrett Leight Harrison “Trust me, knickers are making a huge comeback.”

Moscot Cassius Crystal “Once the shark tank is installed, this place will be epic.”

Ray-Ban Cats 5000 “Oh, I’m very comfortable with nudity.”

Super SideViews “Yes, but can you make it clap?”

Brewsees “Bro... bro... bro...”

Vintage 1970s Givenchy Quest “‘Recreational’ doesn’t begin to describe my cocaine use, honey.”