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The State of the Sled

  • Najib Benouar

News of yesterday’s record-setting snowball fight in Seattle got us thinking about how there was a time in our lives when snow in the forecast was an exciting thing—instead of just a notice to allot a few extra minutes for our morning commute.

And more specifically, it got us thinking about the holiest of snow-day pastimes: sledding (hey, we did make a sled a winter must-have). After some cursory research, we were surprised to learn that the sledding industry is alive and thriving—possibly as strong as it has ever been. In fact, the options are nearly endless, from the old-school variety to the sort of snow-bullet you’d imagine someone named Sven spent his life perfecting. There are even concept snow sleds.

So we slalomed through them all and found the five finest sleds for whatever snow-centric endeavors you might have planned in the near future.

Ye Olde SledThe gold standard of boyhood weekends spent on the nearest slope.

The High-Tech SledIt isn’t amateur hour on this slope. Find the tallest peak and conquer it.

The Low-Tech SledOkay, it’s a cafeteria tray—but it’s been proven snow-worthy by many a co-ed.

The Designer SledForm meets function... we hope. You’ll figure out that second part barreling down a hill somewhere.

The Concept SledThis looks like the sort of project a Bond villain would fund. Put us on the waiting list.