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The State of the Peacoat

Peacoats have seen us through many a November in style. But since nautical style is at a low point this year, the regular navy blue model isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you’re going to have to get creative—either with some new fabrics, some new colors or something genuinely outlandish...

The way we see it, you’ve got three options.

Going RuggedThis is the workwear option, the kind of coat you can light a match on. It’s also the easiest to pull off. Just look for tough canvas, denim or the right kind of leather.Our Pick: The Whillas and Gunn Double-Breasted Jacket. It pairs rough twill with leather lapels and flannel lining for a flashier take on the standard work jacket.The Runner-Up: The Unionmade Indigo Peacoat. The classic peacoat with Cone Mills denim instead of wool. Yes, that’s an upgrade.

Going LuxeAnother way to set yourself apart from the navy surplus pack is to go upscale. That means soft, elegant wools—the peacoat equivalent of an Italian overcoat. Naturally, the lapels will get a little wider, to match your swagger.Our Pick: The Givenchy Peacoat. Beautiful herringbone fabric and the biggest notch lapel this side of Tom Ford.The Runner-Up: Bill Tornade Kostia Fur Coat. Sometimes, you just need a pimp coat.

Going LoudThis is the path of courage, making its bones on pure design muscle. Not everyone has the courage to spend the winter in a gold-colored peacoat... but for those who do, it’s a badge of honor.Our Pick: The E. Tautz Golden Peacoat. A thing of beauty. If we were inclined to drop $1,700 on a peacoat, it would be this one.The Runner-Up: The Monitaly Riders Coat. Sometimes a few well-placed stripes are all you need.