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The State of the Kite


It’s nearly picnic season again.

And suddenly we’re reminded of when picnicking was a bona fide event: your parents would pack snacks and drive the whole gang to the park, or the beach, or whatever breezy venue felt most appropriate. You’d munch. You’d enjoy the sun. And you’d fly some damn kites.

Good times were had by all.

Soon enough, it’ll be you in the driver’s seat. You’re probably not entirely there yet—what without the wife and the kids and the station wagon and everything—but there’s still nothing stopping you from a little high-flying glory of your own. Because the game’s the same: just run like hell until the darn thing stays aloft. However, your old box-kite might not cut it anymore.

Lucky for you, we’ve taken stock of today’s kite market to bring you this well-informed roundup of your best kiting options, including the most, ahem, interesting alternatives.

The Classic Red Diamond KiteRed Kite

If it was good enough for every child in the 1950s, then it’s sure as hell good enough for us.

The Artsy KiteArtsy Kite

A little more detail and we’d swear it had quoth, “Nevermore.”

The Power KitePower Kite

Sometimes flying a kite just doesn’t cut it. Take this baby for a spin and let your kite fly you.

The High-Tech KiteHigh-Tech Kite

We’re fairly certain we saw this model in a science textbook, but we definitely didn’t do well enough in that class to figure out how it flies.

The “Low”-Tech KiteLow-Tech Kite

Maybe that old box-kite is still useful, just not how you’d expect...